Exploring the great digital beyond.

Digital Pioneering

Hi my name is Brandon, and I've found the concept of exploring space to be a meaningful metaphor for how I am approaching my goals and career.

I'm exploring, sometimes navigating the unclear paths and terrain of unknown space to me.

Although the path is not always clear, I seek guiding principles to help define my trajectory.

Beyond the Launch

The rocket launch is a common visual metaphor for starting a business or something new. This seems oversimplified and misses some of the pieces to the story I find most exciting.

Space can be volatile, you will need to rely on a crew (friends) to work in sync (and async) as you explore different planets.

And in space you are on a trajectory (goals). You can have a diverse set of influences and interests that contribute to your flight path.

As you navigate through this space. Here's how I've organized things:


Collected learns and tutorials in a more synthesized format. Posts may be at different levels of articulated and finished.


Work in progress around my interests that influence my trajectory.


Looking to connect? Here are some ways to connect with me.

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